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Over Slot

BP's Nate Silver is doing a breakdown of players who received over slot bonuses in the the draft. In this article he starts in 2005 and works back to 1998.

Based on his criteria the final tally is:
Do It Again? Yes 18 Maybe 11 No 28

Looking at his information the Dodgers have not faired well when they have gone over slot.

Chuck Tiffany-2003, (#61) ,High School, LHP
Estimated Slot: $590,000
Signing Bonus: $1,100,000

Ben Diggins-2000,(#17), College, RHP
Estimated Slot: $1,575,000
Signing Bonus: $2,200,000

Mike Nixon-2002, #91,High School, C
Estimated Slot: $420,000
Signing Bonus: $950,000

What worries me about his article is that I know he's missing Andy La Roche who went way over slot for us when drafted in the 39th round in the 2003 draft. If he missed Andy La Roche who else did he miss for our team and others?