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Justin Orenduff K's 12

While Ned was in Jacksonville to watch Kershaw and McDonald, if he was lucky he spent an extra night, and caught this performance by Justin Orenduff and Cory Wade

In 2004 the Dodgers drafted Orenduff in the 1st round using the supplemental pick they received from the Yankee's when they signed Paul Quantrill as a free agent.

Heading into 2006, Justin was on the fast track to the Dodgers and looked primed to hit the rotation right about now. Instead, 10 games into the 2006 season his arm started to ache and he underwent explatory surgery. This excellent article explains where he's at and how he got there.

While he has struggled at times in 2007, he has mixed in some gems, with last nights game tying his career high in strike outs. Hopefully he's back on the right track and will be in the mix for a rotation spot next spring. His ceiling was never high but when your using Tomko & Hendrickson on a regular basis in your rotation, even someone with the limited ceiling of Orenduff has plenty of value.

If Orenduff ever does make it, JoeyP, a regular contributor over at Dodger Thoughts will have plenty to crow about, because no one has been a bigger supporter of Orenduff, then Joey.