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Open Thread: Game 127 - @Philadelphia Phillies

One night after scoring 13 runs, Andre Ethier and James Loney head to the bench. I can see starting Luis Gonzalez over Ethier, Gonzalez is the "starter" after all, but effectively benching Loney for Ramon Martinez is just bizarre. Martinez should not play unless he absolutely has to, and making it much harder to defend his place on the team. There's some value to having a utility guy you can stash on the bench and forget about, but if he gets starts over Loney, we might as well just call up Tony Abreu again.

Meanwhile, Russell Martin doesn't get the day off as expected, much to the chagrin of Mike Lieberthal who has started just three times since the All Star Break. If he was going to get play this little, we could have saved some money and just brought Sandy Alomar Jr. back.