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Denker Sent To The Giants

According to the Inland Empire 66ers broadcast, high A second baseman Travis Denker was the P in the Mark Sweeney for a PBTNL deal. Denker had the reputation of being unable to handle high A coming into this season, but he's bounced back by hitting .298/.371/.457 in high A this year, albeit with a .339 BABIP with a 12.6% line drive rate. (This reminds me, I should do a study on expected line drive rate for minor leaguers, since everyone I look at seems to over perform).

I like Denker, but with Tony Abreu and Blake Dewitt in the organization, I have to question where his place is. I still think nothing of Dewitt, so he might surpass him, but I think Denker will have to show more to be a valuable major leaguer. The Giants have more expected value in this deal, and it's not the type of move you should be making, but it's hard to believe that this will come back and bite us. Ask me what I think about this deal two years from now.

Update>> Semi confirmation: Denker is no longer listed on the 66ers roster.