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Bunting Boomer

Not only was David Wright surprised when David Wells bunted I expect everyone watching the game was surprised. Even more shocking was the fact he eventually found his way to home plate and scored only the 7th run of his career..

21 years in the major leagues and he's only scored 7 runs!  Sure he's spent the greater part of his career in the AL and only has 165 at bats, but still, it looks strange to see someone who has played in 3 different decades with only 7 runs scored.  After one game with the Dodgers he's now scored 14% of his runs for us.

For once Furcal and Pierre were hitting in synch and the result was some runs on the board. They need to keep it up as I have faith that if they can get on base that Kemp/Kent/Ethier will deliver us some runs.

Kudos to Ramon Martinez who has had some big hits since Aug 19th going 5/12 and delivering at opportune times.

Boom Boom, where art thou.

La Roche played one game this weekend in Vegas and then sat the next game. I'm crossing my fingers he's ready to play when the rosters get expanded this weekend.  We need some production from 3b, and Shea has gone 3/25 with one extra base hit since his 4 single game. He looked cooked for the Angels and I have seen nothing to change my mind. If La Roche isn't ready and Shea is still not delivering then the Dodgers might have to think about moving Kent to 3b and letting Hu play 2nd come Sept 1st, until Nomar comes off the DL.