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The one at bat last night takes some of the luster out of the game tonight since it will no longer be the debut of Upton. Still I'm hoping I see his 1st hit, home run, or cycle.  I haven't been this excited about going to a game that didn't have playoff consequences since they instituted interleague play and I got to see Ken Griffey play CF. By then he was the established star in the AL but tonight it will feel like I'm watching Griffey's 1st game in the big leagues. My tickets are in the LF loge but my wife will be by herself as I take my camera over to the RF Loge to get some shots of the next big thing. Of course he will struggle since he's only 19 but come on, NINETEEN and playing RF in a pennant race. Since this is a Dodger blog you're probably wondering why I'm so excited about the debut of guy who is going to make it more difficult for the Dodgers for years to come. Baseball baby, baseball.