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Open Thread: Game 134 - @San Diego Padres

Our hopes for the season could come down to this. If the Dodgers sweep the Padres, they'll find themselves tied with the Padres, and no more than two games back of the Phillies for the wild card. Stumbling here could very well finish the season, especially if the Diamondbacks are able to finish the Rockies.

The series starts off right with David Wells returning to the place where he's found success this year, Petco Park (3.93 ERA in 71 innings). He takes on Jack Cassel, who put up some solid, but unexciting numbers as a 27 year old in AAA Portland this year (156.2 innings, 3.91 ERA, 6.74 K/9, 2.78 K/BB, .75 HR/9). A win here would be very nice before we get Peavy tomorrow.