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Going back where it all began (Plus Game Thread)

Ten years ago Brett Tomko was a promising 24 year old rookie pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds who looked like he was just beginning a career that would lead to glory and riches. He got the riches but never the glory. He had a brilliant career at Florida Southern and then was drafted by the Reds in the 1995 draft with their 1st pick in the 2nd round. Two quick years and he was making his debut with Reds. The sky seemed to be the limit for the high flying Tomko, but after posting a 124+ ERA in his rookie season he would never again attain those heights. Seven years later he would post his 2nd best season and those would be the only two times in his career he was a better then average pitcher. Sugar Britches has come a long way since he was a bright light in the Red organization and has complied 91 career wins but he has worn out his welcome every where he has pitched.

He teases a little and then disappoints alot. His first 5 starts for the Dodgers in 2006 were just short of brilliant. That was the tease, the disappointment was the rest of the season. This season he didn't even bother us with a tease as he's been awful all season.  He is what he is, a less then average pitcher who was paid more then he was worth and doesn't have the skills to live upto the expectations of mediocrity. With all the injuries to the rotation the Dodgers have no choice but to throw Tomko out every 5th game. It is not the way to win a pennant race but at this point he is the best they have got.

We can only hope that today in the heat and humidity he can bring back some memories of 1997 to his old stomping crowds where it all began for him 10 long years ago and get the careening Dodgers back on track.

Just going to co opt this as the game thread TC, hope you don't mind - Andrew