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Jonathan Meloan, Chin Lung Hu, D.J. Houlton and Chad Moeller are no longer listed on the 51's active roster, so I'm assuming this means we'll be seeing them in San Diego tonight. Very excited to see Meloan on there, I would be more excited about Hu, but I can't see him being used as anything but a way to keep Ramon Martinez from the starting lineup.

The name conspicuous in it's absence is Andy LaRoche. At this point, the Dodgers deserve every tragedy that befalls them. I was okay with Hillenbrand starting until September first, our hands were completely tied there. Now that we could easily boot Hillenbrand from the lineup with absolutely no adverse consequences, and we don't do it, it's just screams of terrible management.

The Dodgers need to have their best players on the field at all times if we're going to catch up in this race. Voluntarily keeping Shea Hillenbrand around when we have better options is just shooting yourself in the lower torso.

Thanks to Eric Enders for this.