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Ace in the making?

                   IP   ERA   Ctl   Dom  Cmd  hr/9   h%  DOM/DIS
Reliever        35  3.09   3.3  10.3  3.1   0.3    32%      n/a
First 8 starts  44  4.09   4.5   7.0   1.5   1.8    23%  25%38%
Next 7 starts 43  2.68   3.1    9.1  2.9   0.8    32%  57%

Beginning with his August 3rd start against the Diamondbacks, he's cut down on his walks and homers, and he's rediscovered his dominance.

Quite a difference from the kid who struggled so mightily last year.

As Paul Scott pointed out in an earlier thread I may be jumping the gun to be calling Billingsley the staff ace but it is still nice to know he's on our side and starting to fulfill the promise of when he was our top pitching prospect.