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Open Thread: Game 146 - San Diego Padres

San Diego (78-66) vs. LA Dodgers (76-69) 7:10pm


San Diego

Brian Giles RF .287/.376/.430
Marcus Giles 2B .232/.306/.324
Mike Cameron CF .246/.331/.435
Adrián González 1B .275/.341/.488
Khalil Greene SS .256/.293/.460
Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B .262/.316/.444
Scott Hairston LF .364/.391/.909
Josh Bard C .264/.347/.369
Greg Maddux P .143/.158/.179

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .271/.334/.353
Juan Pierre CF .292/.326/.352
James Loney 1B .322/.372/.522
Jeff Kent 2B .297/.370/.504
Luis González LF .278/.360/.432
Russell Martin C .297/.377/.475
Matt Kemp RF .335/.370/.523
Tony Abreu 3B .277/.319/.392
David Wells P .143/.143/.143

Pitching Matchup:

Greg Maddux vs David Wells
12 W 2
9 L 0
3.68 ERA 3.71
181.0 IP 17.0
4.82 K/9 4.76
1.04 BB/9 2.12
0.6 HR/9 0

I think it's pretty safe to say that the season now rests on David Wells. We win, we sit merely 1.5 games back of San Diego with 16 games to go. We lose, we're looking at a much bigger 3.5 game deficit. Since Arizona looks pretty much uncatchable at this point, we need Wells to come up huge. I've said a lot of bad things about him up to this point, but if he comes through here, he could become a Marlon Anderson esque folk hero.