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Sean Reader Revisited

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Four years ago while one of the great moments in Dodger history was occurring, for those who knew Sean Reader it was a more subdued evening.  We have added 1,000's of new readers since I first wrote this story about Sean, and I'd like you all to take a second to read about him because this boy was our Dodgers biggest fan, and I don't want him to fade away from our memories.

How is Sean relevant to the game that many of you know as the 4+ 1game? Very relevant,  and the reason for this updated post. If you were moved at all by Sean's story, then how his father and best friend spent the 4+ 1 game might interest you. It would have been Sean's 13th birthday.

One of our members turned 17 last week. Sean would have been 17 on Saturday, we easily forget how quickly our lives can be affected by forces we cannot control.  On Sept 25th, Chan Reader is holding a birthday party to raise funds for a foundation he set up for Sean.  Last year Eric had the 50 walk campaign,  and asked us to donate to Think Cure. If you find the story compelling, please donate to the Sean Fund. They aren't going to cure cancer but they do good things. Tell them TBLA sent you.

Sean's Fund works with California Chess League (CYCL) to provide financial aid to those who need it to pay for chess classes and tournaments. Additionally, Sean's Fund provides for private lessons for children in the Santa Clarita Valley who suffer from cancer and brings chess to the patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles who suffer from cancer and other serious ailments.

One final note. The man who runs the California Chess League is Jay Stallings. If anyone ever watched the movie Dave where Kevin Kline becomes President, then you get an idea of who Jay Stallings is. I've been lucky to know Jay, his students/parents have been lucky he gave up a financially brighter future to bring Chess into their lives.


Below is the original post.

A year ago, on Sept 18th, 2006 a game was played that caused quite a stir in the Dodger world.

Many of us were doing different things as this game played out. Some like BHSPORTSGUY stayed, despite the odds of a comeback. Many like yours truly left, and missed the opportunity to witness baseball history, 1st hand. Others stayed with friends, and gave support where it was needed most . Then there were those of us who used the Dodger Thoughts community to express our feelings before/during/after the game.. You might find some old friends in that link, Dodgers Thoughts was at it's peak.

This was one of the better reviews of the game.

All in all a night I'll never forget.