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Double Dip

The Dodgers are playing a double dip today; one of my fondest memories of Dodger stadium was watching the Dodgers take two from the Big Red Machine in 1970. Major League baseball doesn't do double headers anymore but if you loved baseball, nothing was better then a double dip.

Using baseball reference I was able to find when the game took place.

It was a hot August day and my Dad decided that 6 hours of baseball in the blazing son would be a good place to spend the day with his brood of sons. He couldn't have been more right.

The only thing I remember about that game was Pete Rose leading off with a double off the CF wall and the fact we kicked the Big Red Machines butt. Even with the two wins we ended the day far behind them and finished the season a distant 2nd, but at least for one day we showed them who was boss in our town.

We sat in the LF pavilion and even though it says the attendance was 48,000 strong, I remember we had plenty of room because my Dad's lily-white legs were sprawled over the seat in front of him. I expect those legs went from lily white to lobster red over the course of the day.

It must have been a good game for me since we won, and won big in the 2nd game after making a nice comeback in the 1st game. I remember none of that, just the Pete Rose double and how much fun I had.

In retrospect I always felt bad for my Dad because he took me to many games and I was a Dodger brat when I was 10-12. I talked non - stop and complained whenever the Dodgers didn't deliver the goods. If they lost I'd be just about in tears as we left the stadium, and he'd tell me that was the last game unless I learned how to handle losing. Of course that was never the last game, but I never learned how to handle losing until I was 40.

This was the 1st game, and this was the 2nd game.

Let's hope we have similar luck today against the Rockies. Looks like we have to take two with the Phillies and Padres rolling over their competition.