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Nobody's Perfect

As the fly ball left the bat of Helton, you could see the hopes of the Dodgers fade into the right field seats.

I wasn't nearly as disapointed that our hopes ended right there, as I was with the fact it happened against the guy who was one of biggest reasons we were even in a playoff race.

I can only hope Sammy doesn't take this blow as hard as he took the one on Sept 18, 2006. It had been 365 days since the last time he gave up more then one run in a game, and he had thought he'd let his team down. His downcast face in the dugout, is one of the reasons why the comeback last year was so cool, it got one of the good guys off the hook.

This year will be remembered for lost opportunity. If we could have made the playoff's we could have made an impact with Billingsley, Lowe, Penny going against the likes of Peavy, Young, Maddux or Webb, Davis, Hernandez or Glavine, Maine, Pedro or Moyer, Kendrick, Hamels.

We didn't get there for a variety of reasons. All of us will have different opinions of what those reasons are. Hopefully, when the season concludes we can have a dialog about those opinions.