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Flanders Follies

Ned: Grady, if I bring up La Roche tomorrow would you play him.

Grady: You mean the guy who didn't hit a lick the last time you gave him to me.

Ned: Yeah, but he was hurt then, now he's on fire. Hit two homers last night.

Grady: All I remember is a kid who was afraid to swing the bat. Kept taking walks, it was like watching JD all over again. I don't need that kind of nightmare. Did you see what Shea did. He swung and missed nine straight pitches. That is the kind of aggression I'm talking about. One of these days he's going to put a ball in play. Why in Boston he was one of our better hitters.

Ned: Wasn't Manny, Ortiz, Varitek, Nixon, and Damon your better hitters.

Grady: Well sure, but he was better then that Minky guy.

Ned: So your saying, you want to stick with Shea?

Grady: Yeah, he got us where were at, so I'm going to stick with what got us here.

Ned: How about Hu, you could play Kent at 3b and Hu at 2nd.

Grady: Who