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Top OPS+ LA Dodger Seasons

Playing with my new baseball reference login I may never get any work done.
Here are the top OPS+ Seasons since 1959 for the LA Dodgers with players who qualified for the batting title.

With OPS+ being defined by baseball reference.

Of the top 25 seasons, only Ron Cey sneaks in, right at 25 of the great infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russel, and Cey. Other players from the 1973-1981 ERA who do make the list:
Reggie Smith - 3 Times
Jimmy Wynn - 1 Time

Frank Howard and Tommie Davis are the only two Pre-1969 Dodgers to make the list and they are 22 & 21. Not many of us were around when the Dodgers traded Frank Howard, Ken McMullen, and Phil Ortega to the Senators for Claude Osteen. Osteen was a big part of the rotation from 1965 - 1973,  with his final contribution being the main guy that got us Jimmy Wynn for 1974. Howard  slumped in 1964  after his big 1963 season but went on to be one of the best power hitters in baseball during the late 60's. Here are his numbers after he left us.


If he had played for the Dodgers during those seasons he would have tied Mike Piazza and Pedro Guerrero with the most appearances in the top 25 OPS+ in Dodger history with 4. It would be 5 but he knocks his 1962 Dodger year out of the top 25. Of course his 1963 season for us was also pretty good with an OPS+ of 149 but he didn't have enough plate appearances(459) to qualify for the batting title which was my cutoff.

I was lucky enough to watch Hondo play in RFK during the 1968 season and man was he fun. Nothing describes sweating like a pig, like seeing Hondo kneeling in the on desk circle, in the DC humidity in August. Sweat just poured off of him. And man could he hit. Towering shot after shot. He was one of the biggest man to ever play the game successfully, and I count myself lucky that I saw him do it in his prime.

Sure would have been fun to see Hondo hitting those moon shots at Dodger Stadium in his prime instead of for the hapless Senators. I have no doubt that if he had stayed with the Dodgers he would have hit the 1st ball out of the stadium long before Willie Stargell did it.

By the way in doing this research, I'd forgotten how great a hitter Willie McCovey was. Shame to see him barely able to move these days.