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Dodger BA Rookie League Roundup

Baseball America has completed it's roundup of the Rookie leagues, and of the 40 top prospects, the Dodgers netted four.
GCL League
No 6 - Pedro Baez
He was signed for 200,000 out of the DR in March. At 19 years old he established himself as the top defensive 3rd baseman in the GCL.
No 10 - Andrew Lambo
Drafted in the 4th round, he had 1st round talent but dropped due to immaturity concerns. He excelled in HS as both a pitcher and hitter just like James Loney.  While Lambo is probably the best defensive 1st baseman in the system he played the outfield so that Orr could play 1st in the GCL and Ortiz could play 1st in the Pioneer league.

Comments on Dodger GCL players from the BA chat hosted by Chris Kline.
Withrow Number One Pick in 2007
I was disappointed I didn't get to write him up, especially after he sat 92-94 mph with his fastball in the playoffs and lit up 98 several times.
It's still early, and Lambo needs to keep it together off the field, but the swing is legit. He's going to hit--he might rack up a lot of fines, maybe a few suspensions as he moves up the ladder, but he'll do it in the middle of the order while driving in a ton of runs. This is a guy who's a little off-center, but that sometimes plays into his advantage. He wants to be out there with the game on the line, he never stops talking, and he wants to win.
Alfredo Silverio - Signed International 2003
Baez and Lambo have more upside despite the numbers. Silverio is an average runner relegated to a corner OF spot, and his bat is going to have to continue to speak as he moves up. Regardless of how well he hit in the GCL, there are questions about his offensive ceiling. He pulls everything and struggles with balls soft away.

BA Ranked the Dodger GCL team as the 3rd best.

Pioneer League:
No 7 - Austin Gallagher
The 2007 No 3 pick - "His swing tends to collapse on the backside and he's raw in many phases of the game, but his instincts should improve now that he's focused full-time on baseball after playing basketball and football in high school. Gallagher has good hands but doesn't move well at third base, which could lead to a move across the diamond to first base in the future."
No 12 - Jaime Ortiz
Ortiz was the 2006, 7th pick - "Ortiz' raw power ranked with anyone's in the Pioneer League and he hit 11 homers, up from two in his pro debut in the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League a year ago. Most of his pop comes to the pull side at this point, but with his size and strength, he should develop home run potential to all fields.

His swing is solid, but he'll have to do a better job of working counts as he moves up the ladder. Ortiz is a well below-average runner but managers praised his defensive abilities at first base. His soft hands are an asset"

Comments on Dodger Pioneer League players from the BA chat hosted by Ben Badler
Wilfredo Diaz 2005 No 15
Wilfreo Diaz is a lefty who had a decent year out of the bullpen. His ERA was 4.58, but he also struck out 61 batters in 55 innings. He's 20 years old, and he got some consideration for the back end of the top 20, but did quite have enough to make it in there.
Jaime Pedroza 2007 No 9
He plays in a very hitter-friendly park in a hitter-friendly league, so keep that in mind when looking at his numbers. I know it's a small sample size (well, all evaluations of Rookie-league numbers are based on small sample sizes), but Pedroza hit .403.433.689 in 119 at-bats at home, and just .304.389.413 in 92 road at-bats. He has a good arm, but there are questions about whether he can stay at shortstop. He is probably worth the 9th round pick the Dodgers used to pick him, but he doesn't belong in the top 20.