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I stopped my subscription to the LA Times in the fall of 2005 when their sports section successfully ended the reign of the Dodger GM, thus short-circuiting the Dodgers best chance for a renaissance in the 21st century. Two years later, they are at it again, as they take out their swords and hack away at the best part of the current Dodgers. Shortsighted nitwits are evidently still in control of the sports page.

Just so everyone can conjecture about who could Plaschke  be talking about, here is a list of players from 2005-2007, age 23-28, with an OPS > 115 or this one by runs created with a greater range in age.

So it looks like we will trade Kemp for Bay. Boo Haa Haa

Update Curtesy of Jon Weisman is this great find of Dave Stewart weighing in.