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Open Thread: Game 161 - San Francisco Giants

San Francisco (70-90) vs. LA Dodgers (81-79) 7:10pm


San Francisco

Dave Roberts CF .258/.330/.363
Kevin Frandsen SS .270/.329/.371
Randy Winn RF .298/.350/.440
Ray Durham 2B .218/.296/.344
Fred Lewis LF .285/.372/.411
Dan Ortmeier 1B .284/.318/.480
Pedro Feliz 3B .247/.284/.415
Eliezer Alfonzo C .267/.302/.383
Travis Blackley P .000/.000/.000

LA Dodgers

Juan Pierre CF .293/.331/.352
Wilson Valdez 2B .209/.239/.269
Matt Kemp RF .332/.364/.509
James Loney 1B .336/.385/.548
Russell Martin C .295/.377/.467
Delwyn Young LF .407/.448/.630
Andy LaRoche 3B .226/.377/.321
Chin-Lung Hu SS .227/.227/.500
Chad Billingsley P .111/.135/.139

The Dodgers can secure their first round draft pick with a loss tonight. Plus, you get to laugh at the fact that even though the Giants have thrown in the towel, the youngest position player in their lineup is 26.