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As I headed out to the game today I wanted a few things to happen.

  1. Phillies win - Check
  2. Mets Lose - Check
  3. Rockies Win - Check
  4. Brewers Win - Check
So while paying little attention to the game I was focused on the scoreboard and it kept bringing smiles to me all game long.

I wanted the Phillies to win because I love watching a team hunt down another team. I wanted the Mets to lose because it meant the Phillies had been successful in hunting down the Mets. I wanted the Rockies to win because I respected how they kicked our butts.

Finally I wanted the Brewers strictly for monetary purposes. Every year I budget 500$ to bet on baseball games and usually the money is gone by June. This year I decided not to waste the money and so I was not going to do any baseball betting this year. However I had some luck during March Madness and since I was in Vegas for the NFBC draft I checked out the number of games they were expecting the teams to win, and when I saw they only had the Brewers at 82 1/2 games I decided to roll my March Madness money into a bet on the Brewers to beat that number. In July my bet was looking as safe as the Met's Eastern Division lead.

So as baseball started today the Brewers had 82 wins and I needed one win to win my bet. When the scoreboard flashed the Brewer victory, for the 1st time I would be positive in my baseball-betting budget. In celebration and using the 25% fan appreciation discount and my own season ticket discount I went hog wild and I'm now the proud owner of the Fernando Jersey I'd had my eye on for two years. Just so he wouldn't be lonely I also snagged Matt Kemp, Russ Martin, and James Loney shirts.

All in all a very good final game.