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Muy Bueno

Since I was a supporter of the Loaiza acquisition I went into the game with some apprehension especially with La Roche starting after this blog, and many others had been flogging Ned for not bringing him up sooner. If he was to a pull an April Alex Gordon, it would be embarrassing. Instead he came through with a key hit, lacing a double into the right field corner.

Fully expecting a pitchers duel with us on the short end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Big Z is still not the same pitcher since he signed the contract. When Soriano started the game with a home run I could already sense the hyenas closing in to scrape the carcass clean of another overcooked veteran, but Loaiza rebounded and did as good a job as can be expected. Lots of hits, few walks, few strikeouts,mix in a few double plays, and you have a quality start. The 7 innings was an extra bonus.

Other then Penny, Lowe, and Billingsley the 7 innings start have not been a part of the Dodger repertoire.

Schmidt (0 times, 6 starts)
Kuo (June 12th, 6 starts)
Tomko (0 times, 15 starts)
Hendrickson (0 times, 15 starts)
Stults (Aug 17th, 3 Starts)
D Wells (Only 2 starts)

When was the last time a Mexican starting pitcher and Mexican hitter figured so prominently in a Dodger victory?