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Pack Is Back

My Dad is 80 years old and has been a Packer fan since he was a child. He was born in Appleton, WI and they didn't have basketball or baseball but they had the Packers.  At the beginning of this year he didn't expect much from his Packers. They were a young team and the quarterback should have retired.

Then the season started and each week the team kept on surprising and the old quarterback was a big reason why. This Saturday we talked before the game and then into the beginning of the game. Before I hung up the Pack was down 14 points and I thought my Dad was in for a gloomy Saturday. Then things got interesting. It snowed, and it snowed hard. The Pack busted back in a big way and I had as much fun watching a football game as I've had in many years.

This is why I love sports. Stories like this and games like this. Many times we end up disappointed with a game we have high expectations for, but sometimes like this Saturday or October 1988 the result of the game just makes it great to be alive. Sports shouldn't make us feel this way, but it does. If it didn't you wouldn't be reading a Dodger blog.