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Los Angeles Dodger Win Shares - Shortstop

Review of Win shares by Rob Neyer.
Los Angeles Dodger 1st Baseman Win Shares
Los Angeles Dodger 2nd Baseman Win Shares

Maury Wills was the MVP in 1962 and received MVP votes in 6 different seasons as a member of the Dodgers. His 1962 MVP season yielded 32 win shares which was the most of any LA Dodger middle infielder in history, beating out Steve Sax by one win share. Wills had 5 seasons > then 20 win shares. In contrast Bill Russel played more games at SS but never had a season where he had more then 18 win shares. Rafy Furcal's 2006 season tied with Wills for the 3rd best season on the list. I expect his 2008 season to crack this top 10. It was a surprise to see that Casear Izturis made the list from his 2004 season. I don't have the break down between offensive and defensive win shares but Izzy probably has the most defensive win shares in a season. Some of you might remember the solid season that Greg Gagne gave us in 1996. He was a smooth fielder and until Izturis he was the best defensive Dodger SS I had ever seen. That is a subjective view as I do not have any idea what the defensive metrics said about Gagne while he was with us. Grudzielanek gave us a few years at SS before moving over to 2nd base. Dave Anderson was a forgettable SS, he was highly touted but developed back problems and never became anything more then a footnote to the 1988 World Championship team. Jose Offerman was by far the worse defensive SS I had ever seen play at Dodger Stadium. He is the only player I can remember booing just because he was lousy. He did have some nice offensive years for a 2nd baseman with KC after we traded him and it boggles me how Dodger management left him at SS when it was apparent to everyone he was terrible.

Los Angeles Dodger Win Shares Shortstop
Player Pos Career Win Shares Year Win Shares
Wills, Maury SS 214 1962 32
Wills, Maury SS 214 1965 28
Wills, Maury SS 214 1963 27
Furcal, Rafael SS 42 2006 27
Izturis, Casear SS 47 2004 25
Wills, Maury SS 214 1961 21
Wills, Maury SS 214 1964 20
Gagne, Greg SS 30 1996 20
Wills, Maury SS 214 1971 19
Russel, Bill SS 185 1978 18
Los Angeles Dodger Career Win Shares Shortstop
Player Pos Career Win Shares
Wills, Maury SS 214
Russel, Bill SS/OF 185
Grudzielanek, Mark SS/2nd 62
Offerman, Jose SS 47
Izturis, Casear SS 47
Furcal, Rafael SS 42
Anderson, Dave SS/3rd 39
Griffin, Alfredo SS 32
Gagne, Greg SS 30
Duncan, Mariano SS 24