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Welcome to the NL Mr. Santana

The Mets just made a great great trade but this was a team who needed Santana more then anyone. Other then the fact they have the best left side of the infield in baseball and  a great centerfielder they don't bring much else to the table. Delgado is way past his prime and a liability at 1st base. Castillo has also seen his best days and they weren't that good to begin with once his speed deserted him. Catching is Schneider and Castro. Beltran is surrounded by a brittle and declining Alou and Ryan Church. Yikes

So they needed help at 1st,  2nd, LF, RF, C and they went out and got the best pitcher in baseball. Santana should excel in Shea which is the best strikeout park in baseball but according to Nate Silver we aren't looking at huge improvement. They still only have a rotation of a gimpy Pedro, an inconsistent Oliver Perez, the oldest Hernandez, and a ship that will sink just like it did in 1898.

So yeah, the Mets just got better, did they get better enough to scare Dodger fans? Not this one.

On the plus side it is great to finally see a great player move into the NL instead of moving out of the NL.