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Dodger / Boston Coliseum Game

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As many of you know the Dodgers will be playing Boston in a historic game at the coliseum on Saturday, March 29th at 07:10 PM. I've purchased 16 tickets for this game. They are in section 5, row 55, seats 101-116. These are on the 1st base side in the middle reserve. Lower reserve are rows 1-43 so we are 12 rows up in the 2nd section. The cost was 25.00 per ticket with a 7.00 handling charge. If anyone is interested in going to the game let me know in the comments below.  The cost will be 30.00 per ticket. Here is how the Coliseum has been configured for the game.

I should have mentioned that the max per person is 3 tickets.

Grant - 3 tickets
Cajun - 3 tickets
Bluebleeder - 3 tickets
Sportingchinwag - 3 tickets
OldRickDaddy 2 tickets
Andy - 1 ticket
Myself - 1 ticket

As of right now all tickets have been reserved. Once I receive the tickets, I'll notify each of you how to pay for them and get them. Should be a fun game, lots of excitement with 90,000 seats selling in a heartbeat.