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Joe Posnanski posted the results of the Pozcars.

I belong to less then a handful of organizations but I was proud to be included as a Pozcar voter. Joe makes me laugh and think every time he blogs. I heard that KC had a great writer and I used to wonder who this Joe Posnanski was and why he was different. The 1st time I ever read anything by him was only last year when I picked up Soul of Baseball after Bob Timmerman of Griddle fame gave it a glowing review. Shortly thereafter Joe started his blog and it is a must read for me. He's a little younger then me so I've seen everything he's writing about.

Anyway I surprised myself when I made my Pozcar vote for the HOF.
Tim Raines and Bert Blyleven were no brainers for me.
Mark McGwire was also an easy pick for me.
Joe Jackson got my vote.
Pete Rose didn't get my vote. If he had admitted up front his gambling then I'd have voted for him. It still bugs me how he lambasted the commish and the report, even when he knew what was in the report was the truth. When he's 75 I'd vote for him but I still want him to do some pennance.
Alan Trammel got my vote.
And in the end I shocked myself and voted for Dale Murphy. I know his career ended to fast for many but from 1983 - 1987 he was simply great. According to EQA in 83 he was the best player in baseball, in 1984, he was the 7th, in 1985 he was the 6th. In 1987 he was the 8th. He probably isn't a HOF but he had a nice peak and were talking a center fielder not a corner outfielder or 1st baseman.

I gave shoutouts to Bobby Grich, Lou Whitaker, Ron Santo, and of course the Toy Cannon.

I don't really believe that Lou Whitaker or the Toy Cannon belong in the HOF but they should have gotten much more support then they did from HOF voters.

I do believe Bobby Grich and Ron Santo belong in the HOF.