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2008 OPS Polling Results

Final polling results:
Who will lead the Dodgers in OPS in 2008
Jeff Kent    5 votes - 1 %  
Matt Kemp    78 votes - 28 %  
Russel Martin    19 votes - 6 %  
Andre Ethier    13 votes - 4 %  
Jame Loney    90 votes - 33 %  
Andruw Jones    43 votes - 15 %  
Andy LaRoche    19 votes - 6 %  
Nomar Garciaparra    0 votes - 0 %  
Someone Else    5 votes - 1 %  

Loney led big but Kemp made a strong push at the end. No love was given to the two veterans. For those who voted for "Someone Else" can you let us know who you think that person is, or were you just betting against the field?

The new poll going up is regarding Win Shares. I've done some research and added up all the Win Shares for every Los Angeles Dodger to ever play the game. Without cheating who do you think has the most all-time Los Angeles Dodger Win Shares. The new poll will be on the right sidebar. This article does a great job of explaining win shares for those who are unfamilair with them.