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Super Bowl Squares 2008

Pick your x/y axis squares and send them to me and I'll update the squares. You can either pick your square by leaving a comment, sending me an email, or calling me at the number below. If someone else has already chosen your square I'll notify you and you can pick another square. Each square is on a 1st come basis. Remember the max at this time is 3 squares per person. That could increase but I think we have around 70 reserved at the moment.

Example - if you want the 4th column, 5th row you would say 4th column, 5th row or you want the LaRoche/Schmidt square. If you don't understand you can call me at

Super Bowl Squares 2008
Loney Kent Furcal LaRoche Martin Kemp Jones Ethier Pierre Nomar
Penny Chris G Matt/Debbie Tom G
Billingsley Art C Larry T Eric S Bev/Chuck Chris G
Lowe Tom G Chris G Andy S
Kuroda Debbie B Bev/Chuck
Schmidt Phil G Andy S
Saito Bev/Chuck Phil G Phil G Debbie B
Broxton Matt B Larry T
Proctor Andy S Matt B
Kuo Verdell Cheryl G
Meloan Cheryl Verdell