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Poll Results for LA Dodger, career Win Share leader - 3 Dog

Okay we have a winner. It took 56 votes but someone finally voted for the right player.
All-Time Los Angeles Dodger Win Share Leader
Sandy Koufax    12 votes - 21 %  
Don Drysdale    12 votes - 21 %  
Steve Garvey    4 votes - 7 %  
Ron Cey    6 votes - 10 %  
Bill Russel    0 votes - 0 %  
Maury Wills    0 votes - 0 %  
Willie Davis    1 vote - 1 %  
Don Sutton    8 votes - 14 %  
Mike Piazza    13 votes - 23 %  

56 Total Votes

Whoever voted for Willie Davis, take a bow. 14 years of solid but never spectacular performance defeated the high peaks of Koufax and Piazza. Going into the study I would have expected Drysdale or Sutton to be the leaders but Win Shares are not as easy to garner for a pitcher.

Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts has a great read on the making of the 1974 club . From that read I've posted a circa 1974 poll. Also I had a few questions for you.

1. Is Andy Messersmith one of the best Dodger pitchers that no one ever talks about? He had 3 of the top 30 ERA+ seasons since Koufax retired. He only pitched 3 years but his best season was better then Fernando's best season, and his 2nd best season was better then Fernando's 2nd best season. Take a look at the best LA Dodger pitchers from 1967 on.
2. If the Dodgers had traded Garvey in 1973 like the story suggests almost happened, would the team have been just as successful with an infield of Buckner/Lopes/Russel/Cey and an outfield of Crawford/Wynn/Ferguson/Paciorek?
3. Does anyone remember all the diving catches that Buckner made in 74 or is my memory playing games?

Joe Ferguson was a player I never fully appreciated until I read the Bill James Almanac. My memory tells me that Paciorek was considered one of the best of the prospects but upon reviewing his stats and age I'm not sure that was the case.