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Governor Garvey and the Penguin

While the voting is going on, it is interesting to note how intertwined Steve Garvey and Ron Cey were.  After all was said and done they ended up tied with 223 Los Angeles Dodger Win Shares. Only 3 other LA Dodgers had more.

Garvey has the most win shares for a LA Dodger 1st baseman by 48 over Eric Karros. Ron Cey has the most win shares for a LA Dodger 3rd baseman by 106 over Adrian Beltre.  When Garvey was found wanting as a defensive 3rd baseman, Ron Cey took his job. They were part of the record setting infield and they were probably the shortest 1st/3rd duo in Dodger history.  After having played on 4 World Series teams and one world championship team they both left the Dodgers after the 1982 season. Garvey left as a Free Agent while Cey was traded to the Cubs.  In 1984 they also played against each other in the LCS in which the Padres led by the series MVP Garvey, knocked off the Cubs. To cap it off, they both retired after 1987.

When it came to how they accumulated these numbers they were quite different. Garvey did it by swinging the bat. His career BA was 294 but his career OBP was only 329. He had a career OPS+ high of 137 with 5 years over 130. His final OPS+ was 116 dragged down by his final 4 years in San Diego in which he didn't crack an OPS+ over 110. Since integration he has the 50th highest OPS+ for 1st baseman.

Ron Cey didn't have the average but he had the patience that Garvey lacked. Cey had a career BA of only 261 but his OBP was a sterling 354. His career high OPS+ was 143 which he did twice. While playing full time he had also had 5 years with an OPS+ over 130 but unlike Garvey he had higher peaks with 3 years of an OPS+ over 140. He also had two great OPS+ years as a part time player. Ron Cey has the 13th highest OPS+ for 3rd baseman since integration.

I was lucky to have to have seen the complete careers of both of these players and just like many Dodger fans they gave me many great moments. Ron Cey hitting the big home run in the 1980 Houston end of season series, and the 1981 World Series. Steve Garvey would sometimes just go on ferocious hitting streaks where Vinny would just be in awe.

I'm looking forward to Loney and LaRoche to provide some of the same magic that these two wandmasters provided so long ago.