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Post Season Pool

Now that the World Series contenders are set in stone it is time to start the 2nd annual True Blue World Championship Pool. The prize this year:

1.  NL Western Division Large T-Shirt

2.  Iron Man DVD Two Disc Set (none Dodger fans)

The Deadline is 05:00 PCT. I know the 1st game will be done by then but who isn't expecting the Phillies to win the 1st game?

Make your picks like so

Red Sox  over Angels / 5 Games
White Sox over Rays/ 5 Games
Red Sox over White Sox/7 Games

Dodgers over Cubs/5 Games
Phillies over Brewers/4 Games
Dodgers over Phillies/6 Games

Dodgers over RedSox / 6 Games

The Tie Breaker will be how many games will the Dodgers win in the Post Season

TieBreaker -11 Games

Each correct series win is worth 5 points, Each correct choice of the number of games is worth 1 point.

Put your choices in the comment. I'd like you to register for this contest but if you don't want to you can email your picks molokai at yahoo dot com. Be sure to put True Blue Postseason contest into the subject.

Good Luck