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That was unexpected

It took 31 years but the Phillies finally got revenge for 1977. Myers getting two keys hits against our ace was no more improbable then Vic Davillio's drag bunt and Manny Mota hitting one off the Luzinski wall. Myers had 4 hits all year in over 50 at bats has had 4 hits in two games in the postseason and picked up two yesterday in key spots where if he's retired we are tied in the season instead of down 2 - 0.

I took this loss hard because of how it happened. It is one thing to let the Utely's of the world beat you but when you let the dredges of the lineup knock you silly it leaves a bitter taste.  No way to sugarcoat this, Chad gave us a stinker. I didn't even get to see what happened. While enjoying a late lunch at Flooky's Brad looked unhittable in the 1st inning. After watching Kemp put up another in a string of lousy postseason at bats I hurried back to work. As I drove back to the office Chad was striking out batters right and left. I parked and walked into the office told everyone we were up 1 - 0 sat down, logged in and to my dismay found the score 2 - 1 and then watched as the game just got away. 

Torre could have been pro-active but he probably thought Chad had settled down since he seemed to have no trouble with the key hitters for the Phillies. So he came out for the 3rd and ran into trouble again with Myers.. The damage could have been minimized but Chan Ho Park after getting last years MVP to strike out gave up the killing blow to the Flying Hawaian. After that the bullpen was remarkable.

Three pitchers who had never thrown a major league pitch until 2008 (Mcdonald, Kershaw, and Wade) shut down the Phillies and gave the Dodger the support they needed to get back in this game. ManRam hit a 3 run homer to keep the hope alive but after that the Phillie bullpen shut the door.

I'm normally a patient person because of the 162 game season. I preach patience for players long after others have given up if I believe in them. This however is the postseason and we don't have many games to be patient. Five games into this postseason and I'm tired of Matt Kemp. Striking out with less then two outs with a runner on 3rd tries my patience when it happens in back to back games. He hasn't shown the power that 150 strikeouts is worthy of. The Bison at this point is not a home run hitter any more then James Loney is.  It is one thing if he's overmatched but he's just swinging at crap pitches. He's hit fly balls when we didn't need them and struck out when we did need them. Forget about asking for a hit, I just want contact. DeWitt has been just as ineffective if you look at the numbers but DeWitt has done the one thing that Kemp is unable to do and that is put the bat on the ball with a runner on 3rd and less then two outs. I'm not advocating benching Kemp, just lettting off steam because he sucks right now when I wanted him to step up and start to lay claim to his talent.

We didn't lose because of Matt Kemp, we lost because Chad lost focus somewhere between Werth and Ruis in the 2nd inning and while it wasn't a Burt Hooten meltdown he has shaken the confidence of his fans. All year Sporky has defended Chad to an idiot co-worker who insisted he wasn't very good. No matter how good Chad was all year, on Monday that co-worker is going to be saying "I told you so" and Sporky won't have any ammunition because in the biggest game of his career he turned into Odalis Perez.