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2008 Top 30 Prospect Results

These were the results for my top 30 prospects, I'll let Andrew review the community top 30 and use real metrics to identify how they did. I'm to lazy right now so you just get my top of the head blathering. The Dodgers had a lousy year with their prospects this year. With Kershaw, LaRoche, DeWitt, Wade, and Troncoso playing with the big club most of the year the best of the lot didn't spend much time in the minors. Big years from McDonald, DeJesus, Lambo, and Santana did little to hide the fact that alot of the prospects are not very good. The only thing I can hang my hat on was having Carlos Santana in my top 30 when just about everyone else had given up on him. Other than that I was quite unimpressive with my top 30.


Rank    Name Results Future
1    Kershaw, Clayton Deserved this ranking and gave the Dodgers one of the best age 20 season ever. Dodger Ace
2    LaRoche, Andy What a pie hole. After all the time spent complaining about his playing time he gets some time after his injury and sucks. Then gets traded and sucked even worse. Pitt 3rd Baseman, all-star career looking dim, at this point he's hoping for simply a career.
3    Hu, Chin-Lung What a pie hole. Has anyone been a bigger offensive zero then Hu in 2008? If you can't see fix your vision before you get in Joe Torre's doghouse. You will never get back out. Looking more and more like a utility infielder.
4    Elbert, Scott Finally came back from his shoulder problem but found himself in the bullpen. Did very well, made his way to the big club and for the most part was impressive. Does he stay in the bullpen or do they ease him back into the rotation. ?
5    Mcdonald, James Nice AA/AAA season. Looked great in Sept/Oct in limited action. Really stepped up in games 2 and 5 in the NLCS. 5th spot in the 2009 rotation?
6    Meloan, Jon Went back into the rotation and was unimpressive Traded to Clev and quickly put back into the bullpen. Looks like middle relief fodder.
7    Lambo Had a solid campaign in MWL and then was skipped to AA for a few weeks and kicked ass. Looking forward to seeing what he can do outside of the offensively challenged MWL. 
8    Baez Terrible start in the MWL, demoted back to the Rookie league and gained back some momentum. He drops off the top 10 list until he shows he can handle the challenges of the higher leagues.
9    Bell, Joshua Hurt his leg and was done for the year incomplete
10    DeJesus, Ivan Stellar season. Probably the best season of any Dodger prospect still in the organization. Looks like a good top of the order hitter. Is he a SS or 2nd baseman?
11    Young, Delwyn Major League pinch hitter. Did the job
12    DeWitt, Blake Hmm, starting opening day 3rd baseman and then was the starting 2nd baseman in the NLCS. April/May/Sept he posted a major league OPS over 750, in between he was awful. Likely nabs a starting job at either 2nd or 3rd. Defense at 3rd was a plus. 
13    Winthrow Wasted year in that he did nothing after getting hurt in the spring. Only good news is that surgery was not required for his bizarre injury. Scouts keep saying he's awesome. Someday he will have to pitch to see if any of that is true
14    Morris, Bryan Erratic season ended closed down with a tender arm. He's Pirate property now
15    Orenduff, Justin Crap season He needs to try the bullpen because he has no future in the rotation.
16    Adkins, James Alternated great single A games with terrible single A games. Promoted to AA and did little to show he deserved it. First full year of pro ball and no one was really impressed.
17    Paul, Xavier Solid AAA season. Started season and came on strong.  4th/5th outfielder
18    Ortiz, Jamie Good power, nothing else
19    Gallagher Solid High A season for a 19 year old. Needs to display more power for someone his size. At 6'5 it is doubtful he will be staying at 3rd base but he does move ahead of Baez in the pecking order.
20    Pedroza, Jamie Started out playing 2nd and not doing much. Moved back to SS and his hitting picked up. It was nothing like the terror he was in 2007 but it was adequate.  Doesn't get a lot of respect, at some point that is going to change.
21    Watt Good season but he was the price for Maddux Would have liked to have kept him.
22    Troncoso, Ramon, RP Made his way onto the major league roster and did well. His peripherals were better then Wade's but Wade has the numbers. Major League Bullpen
23    May, Lucas Started out banging homers and looking good. Ended up in a terrible funk.  I see little future, he is still a terrible catcher.
24    Johnson, Steve Great season for the MWL but was hammered when he was promoted to the Cal league. Scouts say he's got nothing. Cal league results tend to side on the scouts side.
25    Wade, Cory Incredible season until he ran into Pat Burrel. Major League Bullpen
26    Silverio Did not impress in the MWL. Few do.
27    Orr, Kyle Did not impress in the MWL. Few do.
28    Santana, Carlos Cal League MVP, probably the biggest surprise in all of the minor leagues. Now an Indian. I hope they can find a spot for a switch hitting catcher with good power from both sides of the plate and awesome plate discipline. We evidently couldn't.
29    Mattingly, Preston Yuck Yuck
30    Miller, Greg Yuck Yuck