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Peavy available but I want the Big Horse

Jon Weisman has the update on Peavy and his availability. I have zero interest in trading for Jake Peavy because of the price it would take. San Diego needs to retool that is for sure. They are not going to be letting Peavy go unless they get a cadre of players to make that happen. WIth Peavy under contract until 2012 with an option for 2013 putting him on the block means he might bring back more then any trade we have ever seen for a frontline pitcher. Just being realistic the Padres would need something like Kemp/Kershaw/DeJesus for him. By 2013 he will be making 22 Million a year.

The best option for the Dodgers is make a play right now for CC and keep our players. What is CC's asking price? I think we can expect at least six years, 120-150 Million. A pitcher of CC's caliber becoming a free agent at age 27 probably hasn't happened since Greg Maddux left the Cubs on route to winning 3 straight Cy Youngs for the Braves. If you look at the numbers I think CC has been better then Maddux was at the same age. Headed into their free agent year they both had won one Cy Young. They both had finally posted an ERA+ above 160. They both were the elite pitcher in the league they represented.

CC seems to prefer the West Coast and the NL and we should take advantage of that.  Long before we start talking to Manny our 1st priority is to see if we can land CC. Johan Santana signed last winter with the Mets for 6/137. I would do 6/150.