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PostSeason Contest Grid

Amazing bias toward our local teams. If you click on the story you can see the whole grid.


Wongy Phllies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/5 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/5 8
Andrew Shimmin Brewers/5 Cubs/3 Cubs/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/6 0
Mintxcore Brewers/3 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/6 Angels/6 9
Griddle Phillies/3 Cubs/4 Cubs/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/7 Angels/6 1
MeercatJohn Phillies/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/7 Rays/5 Angels/5 Angels/7 Angels/6 2
Scareduck Philles/4 Cubs/5 Cubs/6 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/7 Angels/6 2
Jay Stallings Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 9
Daniel Zappala Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/6 9
UnderBruin Brewers/4 Cubs/4 Cubs/6 WhiteSox/3 Angels/5 Angels/5 Angels/7 1
Tall Cap Phillies/5 Cubs/4 Cubs/5 WhiteSox/5 RedSox/5 RedSox/7 Cubs/7 1
Jonathan Ketter Phillies/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/5 Rays/3 Angels/5 Angels/6 Cubs/7 2
Eric Stephen Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/5 11
Jacob Burch Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/5 Dodgers/5 11
ToyCannon Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 WhiteSox/4 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 Dodgers/6 11
Lidlbit Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/5 Rays/4 RedSox/3 RedSox/5 Dodgers/6 11
EthierRocks Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/5 WhiteSox/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/6 11
RobotMadeofNails Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/4 Angels/3 Rays/6 Dodgers/6 11
Bhsportsguy Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/5 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/6 11
Marty Brewers/5 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7 11
CoachJPark Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7 11
Zeppy Phillies/4 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7 11
OldDodgerFan Phillies/3 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/7 Dodgers/7 11
Tango&Cash Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 RedSox/3 RedSox/6 Dodgers/7 11
ElLayDave Phillies/4 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/5 Rays/5 Angels/5 Rays/6 Rays/6 9
Amir Mahn Phillies/4 Cubs/5 Cubs/5 Rays/5 Angels/5 Rays/6 Rays/6 2
Jaffa Brewers/4 Dodgers/4 Brewers/7 Rays/4 RedSox/4 RedSox/5 RedSox/4 6
JoeyJoe Phillies/4 Cubs/4 Phillies/6 Rays/5 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 RedSox/5 1
Andrew Brewers/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/6 Rays/5 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 RedSox/5 2