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All the young dudes

Dear Dodger Management:

Over the past few years numerous stories have surfaced questioning the work ethic, maturity level, character and other facets of the core of the Dodger future. Instead of letting these enquirer like character assassinations linger,  your fans would like you to be a little proactive in defending your players and make an effort  to put all this inuendo to rest. With James Loney, Blake DeWitt, Chin Lung Hu, Russel Martin, Ivan DeJesus, Tonio Abreu, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Delwyn Young, Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Cory Wade, Clayton Kershaw, James McDonald, and Scott Elbert the Dodgers are the envy of the National League and with good reason.

These are young men and all young men have some problems adjusting to life. The expectations that these young men should be perfect ballplayers and role models while adjusting to life in the major leagues seems far fetched. It is actually amazing that they aren't causing trouble every night when you consider what is being offered to them on a daily basis.

What I do know and most of your fans know is that these young men stayed out of the tabloids, played hard, and were a key component in helping the Dodgers win a postseason series for the 1st time in 20 years. They were a pleasure to watch and you should all be grateful that you have an abundance of cheap talent that allowed your team to overcome the millions of dollars spent on boondoggle free agents.

As fans we'd like whoever keeps up this whispering campaign about our young mens failings to shut the fuck up. Most of us would like you to  focus on the good things that each of these young men bring to your  organization. At some point these young men will make a choice of staying or leaving and I know which direction I'd be headed, if every year I kept hearing about how dissatisfied management was with me, and did nothing to defend me when smear campaigns get whispered from the organization I've worked so hard for.


Dodger Fans