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Unless the Ray's stage a remarkable comeback the True Blue Postseason Contest has a repeat winner in JoeyJoe who wins on the tiebreaker. No one picked the Phillies to win the World Series but JoeyJoe did pick them to win the NL Championship which was enough to nudge him into a tie with Lidlbit. Lidlbit expected more from the Dodgers and gave them 11 wins while JoeyJoe staying true to form only picked the Dodgers to win one game.

Special tribute goes out to Underbruin who managed to score ZERO points by not picking one correct series outcome.


Contestant Total TB NLRnd1 NLWC NL-Champ ALRnd1 ALWC AL-Champ WS
JoeyJoe 22 1 Phillies/4 Cubs/4 Phillies/6 Rays/5 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 RedSox/5
Lidlbit 22 11 Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/5 Rays/4 RedSox/3 RedSox/5 Dodgers/6
ElLayDave 21 9 Phillies/4 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/5 Rays/5 Angels/5 Rays/6 Rays/6
RobotMadeofNails 21 11 Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/4 Angels/3 Rays/6 Dodgers/6
Tango&Cash 20 11 Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 RedSox/3 RedSox/6 Dodgers/7
Jaffa 17 6 Brewers/4 Dodgers/4 Brewers/7 Rays/4 RedSox/4 RedSox/5 RedSox/4
CoachJPark 17 11 Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7
Zeppy 17 11 Phillies/4 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7
ToyCannon 17 11 Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 WhiteSox/4 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 Dodgers/6
Amir Mahn 16 2 Phillies/4 Cubs/5 Cubs/5 Rays/5 Angels/5 Rays/6 Rays/6
Wongy 16 8 Phllies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/5 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/5
Jacob Burch 16 11 Phillies/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/5 Dodgers/5
Eric Stephen 16 11 Phillies/4 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/5
OldDodgerFan 15 11 Phillies/3 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/7 Dodgers/7
Scareduck 12 2 Philles/4 Cubs/5 Cubs/6 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/7 Angels/6
Griddle 11 1 Phillies/3 Cubs/4 Cubs/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/7 Angels/6
Andrew 11 2 Brewers/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/6 Rays/5 RedSox/4 RedSox/6 RedSox/5
Jay Stallings 11 9 Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/7 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/5 Angels/6
Mintxcore 11 9 Brewers/3 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/3 Angels/6 Angels/6
Daniel Zappala 11 9 Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/6
Marty 11 11 Brewers/5 Dodgers/5 Dodgers/6 Rays/4 Angels/5 Angels/6 Dodgers/7
Tall Cap 10 1 Phillies/5 Cubs/4 Cubs/5 WhiteSox/5 RedSox/5 RedSox/7 Cubs/7
Jonathan Ketter 10 2 Phillies/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/5 Rays/3 Angels/5 Angels/6 Cubs/7
MeercatJohn 10 2 Phillies/5 Cubs/5 Cubs/7 Rays/5 Angels/5 Angels/7 Angels/6
Bhsportsguy 10 11 Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/6 Rays/5 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/6
Andrew Shimmin 5 0 Brewers/5 Cubs/3 Cubs/6 Rays/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Angels/6
EthierRocks 5 11 Brewers/5 Dodgers/4 Dodgers/5 WhiteSox/3 Angels/4 Angels/6 Dodgers/6
UnderBruin 0 1 Brewers/4 Cubs/4 Cubs/6 WhiteSox/3 Angels/5 Angels/5 Angels/7