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Around the horn with the Cub infield

Thanks to some really bad defense and some great timely hitting the Dodgers destroyed the hopes of the Cub fans in attendance that they were going to see a comeback after the game one debacle. The hope that the 100 year drought was going to end on the 100th year anniversary is fading fast. The only thing a Cub fan can hang their hat on is the fact that Joe Torre was the Yankee skipper when the Bosox came from 3 games down, and shocked the world on their way to their 1st World Championship in a gazillion years.

It all started with a well called hit & run  as Loney bounced a ground ball to the vacated SS area, Theriot could have made the play but decide to use his bare hand to catch a ball with plenty of spin from the left handed Loney, not surprisingly it  bounced off his hand and that was the beginning of the end. It wasn't an error but it should have been. DeWitt then obliged by scorching a double play ball to DeRosa who completely misplayed it twice and got nothing out of it. Not to be outdone D Lee took a harmless ground ball from Casey Blake and decided he would pull a Leon Durham move on the ball.  Furcal took a look at the self destructive infield and decided to push the envelope with a perfect bunt to DeRosa who did everything right but when the dust settled the bases were loaded the Dodgers had two runs and Russ Martin was up. He ended the game right then and there with a bases clearing double .

The only thing left was for Billingsley to show the baseball world why he was the 2nd best pitcher this side of the Mississipi even though no one seems to know who he is. Our ace pitched like our ace and while  other things happened in the game it was effectively over once Chad showed he had brough his A game. The same game that he brought most of the time.  Manny hit another home run, ho hum. I was more impressed with the catch he made with Ivy draped over his head. We knew he could hit home runs who knew he could go into the Ivy and catch a fly ball?

As we move to game three I've been lucky enough to call games one and two. I've missed on the Dodger scores as I didn't expect them to give us so many runs but i've only missed on the Cub combined score by one run after two games. Game three will not be easy so I'm going to stop while I'm a head.