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Prospect Number One

I like how other sites vote on the top 30 list. Let us start with the top spot.

1. James McDonald - Drafted way back in the incredible 2002 draft with 11th pick. Followed up his sensational 2007 campaign with a solid one between AA/AAA. Ended the season on a high note picking up the mess Billingsley left us. Might be the 4th or 5th option in the 2009 rotation.

2. Scott Elbert - Number one pick in 2004. Missed most of 2007 and came back in 2008 to work out of the bullpen. Showed up in the Dodger bullpen in Sept and had some bright moments. Hopefully his arm strength has returned and will be returned back to the rotation in 2009. If not, he will be a power arm in the bullpen and could a closer.

3. Ivan DeJesus - Number two pick in 2005. With Carlos Santana gone I don't think anyone increased their stock more then DeJesus. He added a modicum of power to go along with his excellent plate discipline. Played a lot of 2nd after making the Future All-Star game.

4. Andrew Lambo - Number 4 pick in 2007. The high flying Lambo jumped High A and then wrecked havoc upon AA in limited at bats. I think he's flying under the radar for non Dodger fans. High School 1st baseman has made the leap to RF but if Loney doesn't produce he could be the future 1st baseman.