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Blue Sparks Draft Edition

BA came out with the 2008 Dodger Draft report card today.
Quick hits:

This was the first draft the Dodgers drafted someone born in 1990. That honor went to Nathan Eovaldi. I remember thinking Bobby Valentin was cool because he was born in 1950 when he was drafted. Ha, now you 25 somethings can start to feel old.

Number One pick Martin has recovered from his minor knee surgery and was rated the top fastball/curve which you would expect from the number one pick.

Number Two Pick - Josh Lindblom had the best debut and ended the season in AA. He was a college relief pitcher but has been put in the rotation and they could see him hitting the majors by late 2009. Also voted the 2nd bast fastball and the best fastball with life.

Number Eleven Pick Nathan Eovaldi had the 3rd best fastball and was rated our best late round pick. His TJ surgery allowed him to fall to us. He might be our real sleeper in the draft.

Number Six pick Tony Delmonico's was rated the best pure hitter. He played 2nd in the rookie league but they will attempt to convert him to a catcher this winter.

Number Five Pick Devaris Gordon was rated the fastest runner and best defensive player(SS).

Number Three Pick Kyle Russel picked up Best Power honors.

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