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I love all 6'4 of Matt Kemp

but if he had been 6'3 I'd be hating him right now. Even from 50 yards away I knew he had misplayed that line drive and by the time he finally started heading in the right direction my heart was in my throat.  Then he reached up to his full height and pulled down the line drive that put the nail in the Cubs coffin.  It was the play of the night and it added just the right amount of drama to a great game.

I guess on TV the crowd didn't sound loud but at the stadium I thought it was rocking. It wasn't Lima game loud, but then again it didn't have Lima orchestrating the crowd. For most of the game we were on our feet. Not a big fan of white towels. If you are going to have towels shouldn't they be blue? and  when people are waving them, they aren't clapping which is maybe why the crowd didn't sound so loud on TV.

Just a suggestion to the Dodger Brass, leave the towels in the basement, we need noise and that is what your hands are for.

Headed to NLCS, as a Dodger fan I"m hoping for a game 5 between Hamels/CC so that whoever wins has to waste their best bullets before they play us. As a baseball fan I'd like to beat the best they can throw at us.

We swept the Cubs and our clean up hitter did nothing. We swept the Cubs and our Center Fielder did nothing. Rafy, Martin, Manny and a Sweet Baby James hit now and then and  that was all the offense we needed with the pitching we threw at them.

Watch the pundits now. The talking ESPN heads that had 9/10 picking the Cubs will now jump on our pitching bandwagaon faster then Lasorda can pick out an open mike.