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Dandy Randy ?

Could the greatest LHP of the 21st century be headed for Chavez Ravine? Probably not, but all signs point to yes for the most dominant LHP of the 90's after the Diamondbacks were unable to meet him halfway on his salary demands for 2009. All things considered I'd rather have Randy Johnson at Penny's salary then Penny.

Between him and Schmidt we might be able to cobble together a very productive 4th starter for around 25 million. Or we could just spend 25 Million and get the best pitcher who has hit free agency since Greg Maddux took his act from the windy city to Atlanta. Ned has given no signal that he will even make an offer on CC, so either he is in stealth mode or it is not going to happen.

For fun sake the Dodgers could sign Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and Greg Maddux giving us 3 HOF in our geriatric rotation for probably less then 20 Million. The bullpen would be shot by June but think of the legacy.

Anyway real Free Agency is here and Keith Law did his top 50 breakdown. Dodger fans will be pleased to note that 3 of the top 6 free agents rated by Law are now ex Dodgers (Manny (3), Lowe (5), Furcal (6))

Keith Law top 50 Free Agents

The plus is that he does think we can end up with Manny at 4 years/80 Mill.

I still maintain Manny does not wear Dodger Blue next year but I would not be surprised to see players like Randy Johnson (17), Oliver Perez (10), Juan Cruz (19), Orlando Cabrera (21), Felipe Lopez (27), Pedro Martinez, Ramon Vazquez, Grundy, or Durham wearing blue.