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Stranger in a Strange Land

For the last four years I've felt like a stranger in a strange land. That changed last night.

In the middle of our inconsequential prospect election, our country held it's own, and swept in a man of color, with a foreign sounding name, who almost know one had heard of until the convention of 2004. It seemed improbable 4 years ago that our new President would be making his acceptance speech last night, but he did something no one has done in my lifetime. He mobilized the youth of this nation, while unifying a disenfranchised race, and together that combination stormed the electorate.

For 28 years until 2004, every election I'd been part of, even if I was on the losing side I ended the night with hope that things would get better. I didn't shed tears last night because a black man won the election. I shed them because for the first time in my memory the United States as a whole acted like a country interested in their country again.