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Any Interest?

The Dodgers non-tendered Takashi Saito, Scott Proctor, Yhency Brazoban, Angel Berroa. I'll do a special column on Saito if he signs with another team. He deserves that after all he did for us. Can't recall a player coming into camp with less expecations and creating more goodwill then Smilling Sammy did over the last two years.

It is Ghame Over for Yhency Brazoban though we might sign him to a minor league contract. Way back in the spring of 2005 he stepped in for the injured Gagne and did a good job up until May 15th. At that point he was carrying a 1.93 ERA and had collected 11 saves in only  15 games as the Dodgers got off to a red hot start. From that point on Yhency's career has been in freefall either from getting whacked around or getting injured. To bad, at one time he did look like our future closer.

Non Tendered Players

Only Joe Nelson  looks like he could help the current Dodger team. He would be a nice addition to the bullpen. At 34 his command is just not good enough to make him an elite reliever but for someone to replace Proctor he'll do just fine. I expect many teams to be interested, but at what price?

I like Ty Wiggington but with Blake he'd be superfluous. Daniel Cabrera had some great stuff just one year ago but lost velocity this past year. Worth taking a flyer on?

With Wily Taveras out on the open market we will soon learn just how overpaid Juan Pierre is. The difference being that Wily has a good arm and can actually bunt for base hits.