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[Hopefully Final Update] - We may have a SS

Fox Sports reports that Furcal has chosen to return to his 2nd husband


[update 10:03 AM]

Tim Brown has an update and it is good news if you want Rafy as our SS.This is turning into quite the free agent soap opera. Braves could always counter but at least Ned is not bidding against himself. Maybe Rafy still had bad feelings about how the Braves didn't bid on him 3 years ago and this is his way of sticking his tongue out at them by using them to get what he wants from the Dodgers.

At the end of a couple of curious days, during which Rafael Furcal reportedly agreed to sign with the Atlanta Braves, then resumed negotiations with the Los Angeles Dodgers (depending on one’s perspective), the free-agent shortstop was nearing an agreement Wednesday morning to return to the Dodgers.


While Rafy keeps everyone on hold this is why I'd rather over pay for Rafy then go with what might be option B.


Cabrera is said to be the Dodgers' Plan B, though he carries an even steeper price for them.  The Dodgers have the #17 selection in the 2009 amateur draft, the first unprotected pick.  The White Sox would be thrilled to get it, and Cabrera's Elias number is higher than that of any other Type A free agent who was offered arb the Dodgers could plausibly sign.  So if the Dodgers sign Cabrera and, say, Oliver Perez, the White Sox still get the #17 pick.

Susan Slusser seems to think his price tag might be over $10 Million per year

Cabrera would appeal to the A's were it not for the fact that he turned down arbitration - a process in which he might have earned $11 million - so it's assumed he'd be looking for at least that amount in annual salary.

which should keep us out of the running. I can't imagine Ned giving Orlando more then $8Mill per year based on what he was offering Rafy.

I think most of us would prefer option C which is a battle between in house options Hu/Abreu/DeJesus for the job.

Any other shortstops anyone would like to nominate?