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I knew the Braves would be upset about Furcal changing his mind but these comments by John Schuerholz really seem over the top. Those of us in LA saw Elton Brand basically do the same thing to the Clippers as Rafy just did, and Kobe Bryant several years before. Your upset, so you rant and rave for a while, but then you move on. The Braves appear to be cutting off their nose to spite their face with this type of response. Ned was upset when JD Drew opted out and he said some silly things but nothing that would have effected how the Dodgers do business in the future.

Seemed obvious that Rafy wanted to be a Dodger, after all the Braves were the same team that let him walk 3 years ago, so maybe he worried about how he'd be accepted. It wasn't like the Braves even tried to keep him 3 years ago. His agent may have gone about accomplishing this a little underhanded by shopping the offer sheet but he is after all an agent, and expecting something noble from an agent is like expecting Andruw Jones to earn his 18 million dollar salary.