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It's Not The End of The World As We Know It (Kuroda Feels Fine)

When news came Saturday regarding Hiroki Kuroda skipping the upcoming World Baseball Classic, speculation ran rampant that he was hurt.  After all, he did have shoulder tendonitis last season (although ask the Cubs or Phillies how it affected Hiroki).  

If Kuroda is hurt to start 2009, that chips away at the already thin depth in the starting rotation.  Of course, it is only December so it would be downright foolish to judge the team so early, since there are still plenty of moves to be made.  I'm sure a starting pitcher or two will sign with the Dodgers soon.

However, Tony Jackson spreads good cheer this holiday season with the news that Kuroda is fine:

[Kuroda] is fine now, but Conte and his team made it very clear to Kuroda that the success of this program depends upon his staying on a regular routine with it all the way through the end of spring training. That clearly includes the time of the WBC.

This is just a precautionary measure by Kuroda.  Whew.  Dodger fans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.