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Tip of the hat for Orlando Cabrera

According to Buster Olney

• Heard this: While the perceived price tag of Derek Lowe continues to drop, the Dodgers do not intend to discuss another contract with the right-hander. L.A. will also take a look at Trevor Hoffman.

• Heard this: The person who might have been the most frustrated with the Dodgers' signing of Rafael Furcal could be Orlando Cabrera. If Furcal had signed with Atlanta, Cabrera might have had an in with L.A. But after the Dodgers heard the asking price on Cabrera, which was about the same as what Furcal wound up signing for, L.A. refocused its efforts to bring back Furcal. And now Cabrera might have a tough time finding a landing spot, especially at a time when anybody who needs a shortstop could find a nice alternative by calling the Astros and taking the Miguel Tejada salary dump.

You all remember my biggest fear of the offseason was that we'd end up with Mr. Cabrera as our starting shortstop. I'd just like to thank him for thinking he's much better then he is, and for our management in realizing he isn't as good as he thinks he is.

Christmas wishes for the current team.
James Loney - 315/385/500
Blake DeWitt - more of Sept and less of June/July
Rafy - health, health, and health
Martin - rediscovers some of that power that went AWOL in the 2nd half of 2008
Andre - more of 2008
Kemp - more of 2007
Jones - somehow turn that clock back
Ned - a series of CF injuries to other teams so that someone has to take Juan off his hands
Kuo - more health
Comeback player of the year 1 & 2 for Schmidt and Jones or Jones and Schmidt
Wade - more pixie dust
Tony Abreu - plays a full year somewhere in the organization
Hu - regains his 2007 stroke while keeping the defensive flair
Kershaw - give us the greatest 21 year old season ever
Billingsley - stop all this nonsense that we don't have an ace
Kuroda - more of the same
Stults - a chance somewhere to pitch 100 innings
McDonald - don't follow the LaTroy Hawkins path
Frank and Jamie - more baseball fields
Logan White - more draft picks with the budget to sign them
Yankee's - another 3rd place finish