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Big Unit migrates to the Bay

leaving fans shaking their heads. The oldest team in baseball just got a a little more older by signing the 45 year old pitcher to a one year deal. Last I looked the Giants needed some hitting but maybe this will free them up to make that stupid trade of Sanchez  for Cantu we have heard being bandied about.

Several weeks ago we asked True Blue readers who they would like Ned to target and Randy was the 2nd choice behind Ben Sheets. So scratch him off the Santa list.  So instead of rooting for him to go out with a bang as a Dodger, I'll be rooting for a Steve Carlton like performance in his swan season.

With CC gone, what is the best option for our pitching rotation.
Randy Johnson
25 votes
Oliver Perez
10 votes
Ben Sheets
32 votes
Stay with Chad/Kuroda/Clayton/McDonald/Schmidt
14 votes
D Lowe
16 votes
Randy Johnson and Ben Sheets
44 votes
Randy Johnson and Oliver Perez
24 votes