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Around the horn with Dodger Blogs


Ken Gurnick of MLB.COM filed this report in which he claims the Dodgers are opening up discussions with Dunn and Abreu and are looking to move A Jones. So our choices at the moment are DH1(Manny), DH2 (Dunn), or DH3 (Abreu). Sounds like time to talk about bringing back Milton Bradley so we can have DH4 in the discussion. My preference in ranking would be Manny, Milton, Abreu, Dunn. My belief is that this is a warning shot over the bow to let Boras know that if he doesn't want to lose out on the one team that really wants Manny he better get flexible in his demands.

Dodger Thoughts finds a four part Blake DeWitt interview. The interviews are interesting and quite long. I really recommend giving them a listen.

John Sickels gives grades to 20 Dodger Prospects. Nothing noteworthy. Most of the lower level talent has to prove itself. Gordan picked up a B- grade which is aggressive and Elbert got a C+ because of his command issues. I expect Sickels will regret the C+ grade on Elbert very quickly this year. Baseball HQ will do the Dodgers next Friday, at that time I'll produce a table showing True Blue Community Vote, Dodger Canuck, Mine, Baseball Prospectus, John Sickels, Baseball Intellect, and Baseball HQ so we can get an idea of how they are being graded. Dodger Scout is doing a countdown starting with 50 and they are down to 36 at the moment. Baseball America won't be producing the Dodger list for a while so I'm not going to wait for them. I'll add them to the table when they are done.

MSTI breaks down his favorites to fill out the rotation. Cross Randy off his wish list.

Diamond Leung shows Dodger Holiday Spirit.